Welcome to my personal web site

Dear Visitor!

Hopefully the reason why you are here is because we have met somewhere on the road... which is great! I always thought that 50% of my travelling experience is because of those great people I had the chance to meet! I'd love to think that in the future we can see each other in another place of this Earth, but as probably all of us knows: the chance for this is not that great. We always say: "I will visit you in your country" ...which obviously isn't a lie... it's just hard to keep in touch. How would anyone manage this with hundreds of people on a weekly basis?? I have to admit, I had some visitors from abroad, but compared to the number of people I have invited, it's really not a lot.

My name is Zoltan Konder, I was born in Hungary and lived there for 20 years. The very first time I went to travel was in the age of eight. I went with my family and since then I couldn't stop...

I hope you'll have fun and feel free to use the forum of this site.

See you on the road!